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Apollo 11

In 2011 we preserved for the Stadtmuseum Schlössli in Aarau, Switzerland, a «scientific film» that assembles part of the exceptional footage shot by the Apollo 11 mission onto 16 mm film, using the Kern lenses. Sabrina Negri introduced the film Erste Mondlandung, on behalf of Reto Kromer, during The Future of Obsolescence (= 9th Orphan Film Symposium), on 30 March – 2 April 2014 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe, Earth.

[Grazie, Sabrina!]

We are a small, highly skilled moving image conservation and restoration facility based in Switzerland. Our team provides worldwide comprehensive services that encompass the whole range of audio-visual preservation and offer you Swiss quality at a competitive price. We are actively engaged in a number of relevant national and international professional bodies.

Our Services Include

  • restoration of historic films
  • digitisation for both preservation and access purposes
  • consultancy on all audio-visual conservation issues
  • collection surveying and assessment
  • environmental monitoring
  • risk assessment
  • vault design
  • developing policies and procedures
  • database design, implementation and management
  • data recognition, parsing, transformation and filtering
  • file format conversions and data migration
  • disaster planning and recovery
  • training and research


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