Swiss Film and Video Directory

The Swiss Film and Video Directory is a checklist of motion picture films and videos shot in Switzerland or by Swiss directors or photographers. All available information will be collected in this database. We include not only films and videos, that are preserved by public archives or private collectors, but also the works considered today as lost, about which we know through secondary sources.

As possible we are trying to analyse on a rewinding or an editing table all the films that still exist. For each copy we make out a record where are indicated: filmographical data, physical and chemical state, synopsis, places and persons (see the thesaurus structure). So the checklist will build a basis for future desirable preservation projects.

We are running the Swiss Film and Video Directory since February 1993 at our expense. The access to this resource on our website remains strictly free as long as we can afford it. We planned to stop at the end of June 2023 ...

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